Partnering with you to create engaging and effective brand experiences.

Formerly Digital Ammo, we changed our name to “Sidehack” to more accurately describe what we do…we team up with companies from the starting line of strategic planning, to every jump, turn and finish line of the design and development process.

What We Do.


Visual Design.

Design for print, web and product applications. It’s all about the organization of information whether it’s a box of cereal or a complex web application.

User Experience.

Simplicity requires someone to understand how something works to think it’s simple. Minimalism is a design style. Clarity is the true UX goal.

Smart Solutions.

We’ve worked on some really complicated projects over the years, and always come out the other side with original, effective and memorable solutions. On time and on target.


Our Work.

We have over 25 years of experience working with global brands, corporate giants, startups, creative agencies, and entrepreneurs. We’ll be posting some of that work shortly…